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Saint-Petersburg – City of Russian History (7 days)


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- Arrival in St.-Petersburg. Transfer from airport/ railway station. «Check in» at hotel. Preparing for an exciting full day of touring tomorrow!

- Dinner.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 2 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- City tour: «St.-Petersburg – Northern capital of Russia (only view points, without entrance)». During a tour of St.-Petersburg you will see St.Isaac’s Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the Admiralty, Winter Palace, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and the Field of Mars. Than you will see Peter and Paul Fortress , Vasilyevsky Island, Rostral columns, stock Exchange building.

- Excursion to Peterhof. The official opening of the fountains at Peterhof, a festival, with classical music, fireworks and other prformances. The fountains of Peterhof are one of Russia's most famous tourist attractions, drawing millions of visitors every year.

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- Russian Ballet in the palace theaters of St.-Petersburg.

- Transfer to restaurant. Dinner.

- Transfer to hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 13 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- Excursion the State Hermitage museum - Russia's best gallery of art and one of the most prominent art museums in the world. The museum was founded in 1764 when Catherine the Great purchased a collection of 255 paintings from the German city of Berlin. Today the Hermitage boasts over 2.7 million exhibits.

- Excursion to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the city and Visit the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood.

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- Russian folk show at the Nikolaevsky Palace in St.-Petersburg.

- Transfer to restaurant. Dinner.

- Transfer to hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 11 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- Excursion to Tsarskoe Selo (The Catherine Palace and Parks Ensembles of the Town of Pushkin) Tsarskoye Selo (“Village of Tsars” in Russian) until 1917, is located some 12 miles away from St.-Petersburg, the ensemble of the Catherine's Palace and Park are among Russia's top historical recreation complexes visited by hundreds of thousands tourists every year. It was the residence of the tsars from the beginning of the 18th century onwards. Famous Amber room is here.

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- The Grand maket of Russia - a miniature copy of Russia. The national show-museum “Grand Maket Rossiya” with its area of 800 square meters combines the generalized images of Russia`s towns and regions. The museum doesn`t have analogs in the world and is the only one such a project in the country. It is a unique chance to walk around the whole country from Kaliningrad to the Far East.

- Transfer to restaurant. Dinner.

- Transfer to hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 10 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- Yusupov Palace excursion (You will visit one of the most mysterious and beautiful palaces that used to belong to Yusupov dynasty).

- Excursion to Peter and Paul Fortress (The tour includes a visit to Peter and Paul Cathedral, the first cathedral of St.-Petersburg, a burial place of the Romanov dynasty).

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- Excursion to the historical Summer Garden and the Field of Mars/The Flea Market at Udelnaya is the most famous market in Russia, virtually one-of-a-kind in St.-Petersburg and one of the largest flea markets in the world. 

- Transfer to hotel.

- In the evening  take a chance to explore a new unusual perspective of the city from the water, we offer you midnight St.-Petersburg cruise. (Drawbridges)

- Transfer to restaurant. Dinner.

- Transfer to hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 13 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- Guided tour to Gatchina. Gatchina has gained worldwide fame as a popular suburb of St.-Petersburg - it is the former residence of the Russian Emperors with a unique palace-and-park ensemble.

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- For an additional fee: Excursion to Russian Museum (one of the most famous museums in the country with this perfect Russian experience) ($7 per person)/Excursion to the Faberge Museum (World's largest collection of works by Faberge) ($14 per person);

- Transfer to restaurant. Dinner.

- Transfer to hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 12 hours in total)


- Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with guide.

- Transfiguration Cathedral. Transfiguration Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral. Unlike most Russian places of worship, this architectural monument has never ceased operating as a place of worship.

- The Russian museum of ethnography. The Russian Museum of Ethnography is one of the largest and richest museums in Russia. The museum collections include objects of ethnic culture of more than 150 peoples of Russia and its neighbours. The history of the Russian Museum of Ethnography began in 1902 when the Russian Emperor Nicholas II issued the special Edict No. 420, establishing the Russian Museum of the Emperor Alexander III. 

- Transfer to restaurant. Lunch.

- Transfer to hotel. «Check out» from hotel. Transfer to airport/railway station.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 8 hours in total)

Approximate prices of the tour per person (prices-netto are in dollars)/Approximate prices of the tour per person without accommodation (prices-netto are in dollars):



8 person

7 person

6 person

5 person

4 person

3 person

2 person

Extra payment
for single

Solo Sokos 4*


$879/519 $899/549 $949/599 $1019/689 $1149/829 $1269/959 $49

Ambassador 4*


$899/519 $919/549 $969/599 $1049/689 $1179/829 $1299/959 $29
Rossi Boutique 4*+ $899/489 $929/519 $949/549 $999/599 $1079/689 $1199/829 $1319/959 $49
Moscow 4* $899/489 $929/519 $949/549 $999/599 $1079/689 $1199/829 $1319/959 $69
Hotel Indigo 4*+ $949/489 $979/519 $999/549 $1049/599 $1129/689 $1249/829 $1379/959 $49
Radisson Sonya 4*+ $949/489 $979/519 $999/549 $1049/599 $1129/689 $1249/829 $1379/959 $39

Renaissance Balt. 4*+









Dostoevsky 4*









Angleterre 5*


$959/519 $979/549 $1029/599 $1109/689 $1239/829 $1359/959 $59

Taleon Imperial 5*+


$1059/519 $1069/549 $1129/599 $1199/689 $1329/829 $1449/959 $89
Kempinski Moika 5*








Astoria 5*









Four Seasons 5*










Please try to book tours for groups for the summer season in advance, especially for the period - at the end of May-June, because of shortage of hotel rooms in St.-Petersburg during the summer season.


  • Stay at your chosen hotel for 6 nights. Check-out time 12.00. Check-in time 2 pm.;
  • Transport: according to the tour program (2 people by personal car, 3-6 people by minivan, 7-8 people by minibus);
  • Breakfasts in hotels;
  • Dinner on the first day of stay;
  • Tickets to the museums as stated in the tour program;
  • Services of guide.


For additional payment:

  • All the additional services;
  • Lunches and dinners (A typical meal for one person costs approximately $9-10);
  • For extra usage of the transport in Saint-Petersburg: $7 per hour for a personal car (4 seats, 3+1 hours minimum; $10 per hour for a minivan (8 seats, 3+1 hours minimum); $12 per hour for a minibus (12-18 seats, 4+1 hours minimum);
  • Guide escort extra hours - $11 per hour.

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